Minutes February 2018

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 7 February 2018, 7.30pm

Minutes draft



Board – Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN

Members – John Croker, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR

Club – Matt Parsons MP (Supporters Liaison Officer, SLO)

Police Liaison – Julie Hayward JH, Dave Walker DW

Guests – Stan Hughes and Joseph Iles of ‘One Stream In Bristol’

Apologies – Sean Takle ST, Adam Baker AB BCFC, Mark Kelly MK AGL, Katrina Watts KW, Jon Watts JW


  1. Minutes
  2. FansBet – the last sentence was amended to “We had decided we were not ready to support FansBet at this time.” With that amendment, the minutes were accepted as a correct record.


  1. Supporters Bar

Our share of the profits this season is around £1,400.  Free half-time membership was suggested to boost sales at that time.  Stan Hughes and Joseph Iles of One Stream in Bristol described how they could do a pod cast.  Former players could be asked to be on a panel to answer questions and give their views post-match.  It is envisaged that there would be some activity in our Bar after every match.

ACTION JD – to approach MK about free half-time membership; cards would be needed.

ACTION SH and JI – to contact us so that set-up arrangements can be communicated to MK

ACTION MP – to contact Scott Murray with a view to taking part asap post-match


  1. Legal and Police updates (including reduced ticket allocation at Cardiff)

The Cardiff game was never intended to be a bubble match but the restrictions in ticket numbers and their collection were making it feel very akin to one.  A small number of arrests had been made at the games with Manchester United, Manchester City and QPR.

Smoke canisters have become an increasing problem league-wide and 25 BCFC fans have been identified.  An ex-footballer has been talking to culprits with the aid of horrific photos of people who have suffered injuries from smoke canisters.


  1. Ashton Gate 8 plaque relocation

It was decided to relocate the AG8 plaque to the Supporters Bar.

ACTION JD – to contact Sean regarding fixing the plaque on the wall plus the intended mural

ACTION MA – to contact Peter Woods

ACTION JD – re possible Honours Board


  1. Q&A session with Steve Lansdown

ACTION SR to pursue with Adam – the Millwall game is suggested


  1. Accounts

The 2016 accounts are ready to audit, 2017 are in process; they need to be ready by July.


  1. Community fundraising projects

ACTION ALL – to think up suitable projects

ACTION MD – to come back with her idea firmed up

ACTION JD – to invite Robins fans to next meeting


  1. Membership cards and database update

Book-keeping has been a big problem and we will automate our database as much as possible.

ACTION JD – to contact Sport 80 and other companies re automating the joining process


  1. AOB

‘Garland Or Me’ – play at Tobacco Factory May 30 to June 2 inclusive (week after Play-Off final)

OTIB running cost – we need just eight more fans to pay £5 to balance the books.


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 7 March 2018

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