Minutes – December 2016

Wednesday 7th December 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board                      Stuart Rogers (chair), Mike Adams (mins), Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, Miles Hendy, James Nicholls

Members                 John Croker, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Bristol Sport           Mark Kelly, Rachel Lemar

Police Liaison         Dave Walker

Apologies                Adam Baker, Julie Hayward, Jon Watts, Trina Watts


  1. Minutes and matters arising

Amendment:  3.  ‘was alleged’ in reference to the Brighton game.  With this amendment the minutes were accepted as a true record.  Marie had given the 2017 meeting dates to the management.

Action – Stu to follow up those with poor attendance records.


  1. Supporters bars


A draft agreement is on the table, one important point to settle is security of tenure.  The deadline for an agreement may be as late as July because Martin Griffiths is putting his full energy into the phase 3 development.  The provision of a lift is now questioned.  Mike said a lift would be essential for some former player whom we hope will use the facility on a regular basis.

Atyeo Area

A meeting is due to be held one hour before kick-off at the next home game.  Access at half-time on matchdays and also on non-matchdays is a key issue.

Allocation of Atyeo Stand

Consideration is being given to giving fully allocation to away supporters.  This will affect access to the supporters bar.  The side-issue of the price of STs to displaced supporters was raised.


  1. Atyeo Statue

The statue was unveiled as planned on 5th November.  Fourteen former players from the Atyeo Era attended.  Each will receive copies of the programme and the follow-up which included a report of the unveiling.  Miniature statues and busts are on sale in the BS Store.

Following the unveiling there was a further demand for name places, which was agreed by all involved.  The deadline for new names was 30th November and the new name strips are currently being manufactured for fitting in time for the last home match of the season on 17th December.


  1. Gow family

An amount of money had been raised from the sale of T-shirts.  After discussion it was agreed not to set up a special fund in our accounts but to facilitate the forwarding of the money, and any more which is raised in future, to the family, Action – Mike.  Lee Johnson and a number of other staff members are running the Bath Half-Marathon for this cause.  A match involving Manchester City was mooted.


  1. Accounts & AGM

Years 2012/13 and 2013/14 have been audited.  Year 2014/15 is 90% finished and will be audited by early 2017.  The aspiration is for 2015/16 accounts audited by March.  We should therefore plan our AGM for April; a good time for holding it would be on a matchday.

PO Box  Some mail is still being delivered to Ashton Gate, Action – James.


  1. AOB

Ashton Gate Eight plaque

Marie suggested moving it to a more prominent position.  Initial suggestions were under the South Stand clock, by the new players’ entrance and in the Atyeo Bar.

Drinks prices

It was alleged that tea at Ashton Gate is the most expensive in the League.  Mark countered by saying that with the ST discount the price was not exceptional.


  1. Next meeting

Wednesday 1st January

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