Minutes August 2017

Monthly Meeting, The Rising Sun, Ashton Road, Bristol, BS3 2EA

Tuesday 1st August 2017, 7.30pm

Minutes – draft


Present  Board  Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Mike Adams MA (Minutes), Marie Day MD,

Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW

Members Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR

The Club  Adam Baker ABr BCFC

Police Liaison Dave Walker DW A&S

Apologies Jon Darch JD, Mark Kelly MK AGL, Julie Hayward JH A&S, Miles Hendy MH


1.  Supporters Bar

The short name ˜Supporters Bar” was agreed for general use such as signage.

The Crest will carry the proper name ˜Supporters Club & Trust Bar”

An official opening will await successful running for a few games and the display of our memorabilia.

Full fees return for this season eg £60 diamond and £30 gold. Trina was asked not to take cash payments.

A non-member can visit three times but must then join to continue to use our bar.

The meeting voted thanks to JD, MA and MD for getting the room ready for use on time.


  1. Legal and Police updates

Millwall game

DW described the unfortunate events that occurred after the game in the surrounding area outside the stadium.  Two groups of rival supporters had to be contained and manoeuvred apart.

ABr added – the EFL would have had to mediate between BCFC and the police if that were necessary.


Legal case

The Solicitor instructed a barrister to advise on the case. On 21/6/17 the solicitor met with a group of claimants at Ashton Gate to share the advice received and view CCTV and video footage of the incident where dispersal powers were used by West Midlands Police. Supporters were grateful to the Football Club for arranging that meeting space. The barrister has made reference to various points of law and where there are discrepancies in the way the dispersal was conducted. This will be the basis of the claimant’s case going forward. WMP have been asked a series of questions for clarification. Such is the way of these things, we don’t expect a quick response, however we should have it by the end of August. Meantime, the solicitor will be interviewing further witnesses and clarifying some points with those who have already provided statements. The deadline for deciding the next stage of the claim is 30 September 2017. There is no on-going financial commitment for the Supporters Club & Trust at this point, having paid only the original fees to file the court papers for each claimant.


  1. Rescheduled fixtures

TH expressed the thoughts of many travelling City fans when he expressed his dissatisfaction at the number of games moved from their original Saturday dates.

DW replied that the police do not have the resources to cope with City and Rovers at home on the same day  it is a question of risk management.

ABr added that, if a difference of opinion had arisen, the EFL would have had to mediate between BCFC and the police.


  1. Atyeo Statue


MA described the solution which is to illuminate the statue from the front and above, best mimicking natural lighting.  An existing pole will be used, situated almost directly in front of the statue.


MA described briefly the history of the production and sale of miniature statues and busts of Atyeo.  He asked the board to purchase the remaining eight of each, which were stuck with the manufacturer.  This would release them for sale and the cost of purchase would eventually be repaid.  MA believed that BCSCT had committed to buy 20 of each in its original dealings with sculptor Tom Murphy on his visits to Bristol. The board did not agree and felt that Tom could sell from his website.  The board did agree to purchase one of each to display in our Supporters Bar.


  1. Re-positioning the Ashton Gate Eight plaque

Two sites were suggested

a) Under the clock in the South Stand

b) Under the corner of the singing section

It needs to be fixed high and leaning slightly forward [MK to be asked to investigate]


  1. Q&A sessions with Steve Lansdown

Sheffield United (never used before), Ipswich (end of September) and Reading were suggested. The decision rests on the venues and Reading is not a good one.


  1. Newsletter to members

a) Supporters Bar at Ashton Gate

b) Survey of current opinion about safe standing

c) Programme Club

d) Membership push


  1. Accounts update and AGM date

2015 accounts have been audited and 2016 are ready to audit hopefully in time for the AGM.  It is doubtful that accounts for 2017 (ending June 30th) will be complete for our AGM, which was fixed for Saturday 2 December in our Supporters Bar. The AGM will include elections to the board.


  1. Next Meeting

Wednesday 6 September 2017 in our Supporters Bar subject to AGL agreement.

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