Minutes – August 2016

Wednesday 6th July 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun



Board  Miles Hendy (chair), Mike Adams (minutes), Jon Darch (chair at start), Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James Nicholls, Trina Watts

Members  John Cosh, John Croker, Richard Davies, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Bristol Sport  Adam Baker, Rachel Lemar

Police Liaison Officer  Dave Walker

Apologies   Stuart Rogers, Jon Watts, Julie Hayward (PLO)


  1. Apologies, minutes and matters arising Apologies recorded


  1. Meeting with Adam Baker and Rachel Lemar – Miles Hendy

A Supporters Meeting will be held at Ashton Gate involving Adam and Mark Ashton, hosted by Stuart and Miles [action].  It will be held after the transfer window shuts and will be an opportunity to talk to supporters, discuss relations between supporters and players and to showcase the West [now Lansdown] Stand.  Mike asked that the end-of-season awards function should be kept in mind.


  1. Ticketing fees

The main issue was the charging of booking fees for match tickets after the last FAN meeting had expressed its preference for all-in prices on top of BCSCT’s same stance over many years.  Jon Darch outlined the situation from BCSCT’s perspective.  City supporters Joe Sims had made a very good interview on Points West.  Lisa Knight’s statement contained many inaccuracies.  It was bad publicity for the Club at the start of the season.  A press statement had been drawn up for release the following day – what else could BCSCT do if the Club will not listen?

Adam replied that discussions had taken place that day but the Club’s statement on the matter still stood, quoting easyJet and Ryanair as organisations using a similar ticketing system.

After a long discussion the meeting concluded two necessary conditions:

  1. a) the advertised price must be the one inclusive price
  2. b) there must be at least one method of purchasing free of a booking fee eg purchasing online and printing your own ticket at home and/or purchasing in person at Ashton Gate.

Adam [action] agreed to try to achieve those aims to allay the press release at 12 noon the following day.


  1. Supporter Liaison Officer

Rachel Lemar and Adam Baker have been appointed by the Club to act in the capacity of SLO as the Club sees the job.  Rachael will handle ticketing and Adam all other matters.    A single sheet summarising the SLO Role was circulated.  The Club’s and BCSCT’s views of the job specification remain very different – BCSCT looking for an appointment from the ranks of supporters.


  1. BCSCT Bar at start of 2016/17 and the near future

The accommodation at the start of this season is in the Community corner, reached by using the VIP entrance by the South Stand turnstiles, entering the automatically opening doors and going up to the second floor.  On your way you should meet a guide to actual door.


  1. Atyeo Statue – our unveiling plans – Terry Hamlin

Terry suggested Marina Dolman to unveil the statue.  This was agreed unanimously by the meeting.  Terry [action] will contacththe media and Mike [action] will invite all the contactable past players who played with Atyeo.  We will try our hardest to pin the Club down to an unveiling date.  The unveiling will be at 2pm on a Saturday home match.  Stuart will speak on behalf of BCSCT and Steve Lansdown will be invited to speak for the Club.  The sculptor Tom Murphy will be invited and offered the opportunity to speak.


  1. Atyeo Commemorative Book

Mike had previously misunderstood his role, which was confirmed as making contact with personalities and supporters in general to produce stories for the book.  Mike [action] will now contact the editor David Lane to make progress.  Publication in time for Christmas was mentioned.


  1. Legal case

Stuart had reported that West Midlands Police had not yet responded but were expected to do so.


  1. Accounts update & AGM arrangements

We are awaiting James Thomas to return from holiday.  The PO Box should be ready by next meeting.


  1. AOB (a) Working arrangements with ‘The Club’

This item was held over to the next agenda.


  1. AOB Jason McArthy

A minute’s applause is planned on 48 minutes at the next home game.


  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday 7th September.

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