Minutes – August 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 6 August 2014

1. Present: Board – Jon Darch (chair), Mike Adams(minutes), Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts
Apologies: Stuart Rogers, Miles Hendy, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland

2. Stadium design – ongoing consultation and 4 September session
Bristol Sport are looking for ideas for the internal fitting out of the new stands, particularly the new South Stand; the refurbished Dolman concourse; the museum and exterior landscaped areas. Jon circulated a paper and a version, amended as a result of the discussion, will be emailed round for comments and subsequent submission to the Club.

3. Current problems at Ashton Gate
a) Space for BCSCT – we prefer a position on the ground floor
b) Drinking facilities for Williams and Atyeo fans – suggest beer garden – either in corner where away fans entered the ground last season or by freeing the players car parking area – players could meet up at Failand and bus in.
c) Changing Room in Megastore – a missing facility at present we should ask for. [Action JD]

4. Supporters Bar this season from January
There has been no workable solution yet – Harry’s Bar was the only suggestion during discussion.

5. Hall of Fame 11 October
Ticket price set at £3 – we have a good raffle prize so will be able to sell raffle tickets. It was agreed to hold the event in the Supporters Bar which has a capacity of 150.
[Action JW & TW to adapt PA system and provide a buffet for the players]
[Action for all to help on home games, except for Capital One Cup on Tuesday][Action MA]

6. Atyeo Statue
We will ask fans for a) favourite Atyeo image & b) site for statue then select ‘three’ for fans poll. Having formulated our requirements, we will contact sculptors. An additional suggestion was Les Johnson, who produced the excellent Brian Clough statue. [Action MA & MD]

7. Website
The design is deliberately simple so that it fits phones as well as PCs. It will enable tweets during events and the easy uploading of things such as the minutes. More comments are required [Action All]

8. Next meeting
Leave at 3rd unless 4th September is confirmed. If it is then it will be 4th after the consultation.

9. Fans Advisory Network
BCSCT has two items to go forward to FAN:
Atyeo Statue – we welcome suggestions for a position for the statue at Ashton Gate and favourite Atyeo images. It is envisaged that both matters will be put to a fans vote following shortlisting unless there is overwhelming agreement.
Exhibition Hall – access is currently only available to Dolman fans and only after they have entered the ground through the turnstiles. BCSCT suggest that Ashton Gate Ltd review the arrangements because many former users now find it impossible to buy a drink at Ashton Gate. We suggest creation of temporary sources like the East End Natch Bar and two possible areas are:
a) the corner where away fans entered the ground last season
b) the area currently used by players’ vehicles – players could arrive at Failand on matchdays and arrive by coach. This may also be good for team togetherness.
Failing these, we believe the Dolman should be opened from the rear of the Dolman as last year for all STHs using the two available entrances and a thorough card check be made on entering the ground from the hall for the start of a match. At half-time the hall would be open to Dolman fans only.

10. AOB
Golden Boot
MD has made arrangements with DL to present pitch-side at first league game at 2:50pm. The Top scorer trophy will also be presented. £120 had been raised; the boot cost £70 and it was agreed to donate £50 to the Community Trust.

Football Club home colours and name
A ruling at a governmental or football authority level is probably necessary but we should still persist to get clause in Articles of Association [Action SR]

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