Minutes – April 2016

Wednesday 6 April 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board        Jon Darch, (chair), Mike Adams (minutes), Marie Day, James Nicholls, Trina Watts, Jon Watts

Members   Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland          Police Liaison Officers  Julie Hayward & Dave Walker

Apologies   Terry Hamlin, Miles Hendy, Stuart Rogers


  1. Minutes Amendments were made in items 2, 4 and 7 (qv).


  1. Accounts

James reported that £440 had been returned by our bank following unsolicited payments.  Accounts for 2012/13 and 2013/14 will be sent to the auditor by the end of April.  It is hoped to complete 2014/15 accounts in time for the AGM in October.  A monthly record of member payments will ease the task.


  1. Season card operation

The Club’s release of season card renewal details had caused some reaction among fans.  FAN officers surveyed FAN members for feedback and as a result sent a statement to the Club dated 30 March 2016.  The meeting agreed with FAN’s criticism of the £2 booking fee and the £25 charge for paying by instalments stating, ‘we impress on Bristol Sport not to make hidden charges and that the price advertised should be the price we pay.’


  1. Atyeo bar proposal 2016/17 & BCSCT Bar 2016/17 onwards

James provided floorplans of the two available areas – the BCSCT area being on two levels. It is envisaged that Section 82 will lead a ‘Challenge Anneka’ type operation in the Atyeo Bar. BCSCT will fund/undertake the refit of the Supporters Bar itself. Before any request to members to release funds, we will need to negotiate security of tenure with Bristol Sport.  Jon also reported that BS might be open to one or both bars being operated as a concession. It was noted that this might require a separate licence.


  1. Connection between the Atyeo & Dolman Stands

A walkway would make a world of difference, allowing Atyeo home fans access to the main concourse and making the Atyeo Bar accessible to all supporters.  There are existing paths which could be used for this purpose.  It was thought that it could be made a practical possibility by employing security checks.  Colour coding to distinguish cards for the four stands might also be very useful for many purposes including the security checks. Related to this discussion, the idea of a supporters representative on the SAG was again raised and DW undertook to bring this up with the SAG chair.


  1. Statue & Book

The statue has been signed off by Mike on behalf of the Football Club and BCSCT in collaboration with Atyeo family members.  Subsequently moulds have been made and taken to the foundry, which is in Basingstoke.  Doug Harman has informed Mike that BCSCT will be asked to consider three possible positions for the statue.


  1. Garland Or Me!

Around 10 former players from 1976 will be at Ashton Gate on 19 April for a dinner to celebrate promotion to the top flight in 1976.  They are being asked to arrive early to meet the writer and director of the play.  The ‘memories’ section in the matchday programme is currently carrying pre-publicity.


  1. End-of-season awards

Lee Johnson requested a meeting with Stuart to discuss the presentation of awards.  Voting ends at midnight this coming Saturday.  Over 900 have already voted online.  It was agreed to buy a bottle of red wine for Dave Lloyd to give to him at the end of the season [action – Jon].  A “good luck” card would be available to sign in the Sports Bar mezzanine level at the next home match [action – Marie].Ron Walker has offered to put together a package of videos again this season – general highlights of the season, specific clips for the ‘champagne moment’ contestants and possibly for individual award winners.


  1. Postal address

James will be the named collector for the box; he will try to arrange Marie to be an alternative collector.


  1. Survey Monkey

It was agreed this was a very useful connection with fans and to renew the contract.


  1. Next Meeting Wednesday 1st June.

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