Minutes – March 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Thursday 13 March 2014

Present: Board – Miles Hendy (chair), Mike Adams (minutes), Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, Jon Watts, Trina Watts; Members – Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland.

1. Apology Stuart Rogers

2. Current communication with Football Club
a) Board representation
Martin Griffiths has hinted that a supporter representative on the board of Ashton Gate Ltd would be beneficial. Discussion centred round the pros and cons of that representative being a member of BCSCT. It was agreed that we should propose the Club seeks nominations from the fan base to ensure transparency in the process. The matter will be developed by personal contact. [Stu to progress]
We are awaiting feedback. [Stu to progress]
c) Re-development transition
A group of board members had submitted feedback to BCFC’s original ideas, now BCSCT has received feedback from BCFC on 12/3/2014. They agreed with many of our comments and we have accepted many of their responses. There were two main areas of concern:
Ticket price for displaced East Enders
The proposed one-week window for current East Enders to purchase a 2014/15 season ticket (ST) in the designated area of the Williams is too short.
ST prices for 2014/15 should be frozen across the board. This includes current East Enders displaced to the designated area of the Williams, who should continue to pay £235.
If BCFC replied that the predicted ticket income in those conditions would be unexpectedly low, we would prefer that any increase would be a fixed percentage across the board. [Miles or Stu to progress]
Supporters in the Atyeo stand
We believe BCFC have underestimated the problems for many home supporters due to the influx of away supporters 2014/15. [Miles or Stu to progress]
d) Protecting Football Club name and colours
[Stu and Jon D are working separately on a form of words to propose]
e) Ashton Gate as an Asset of Community Value under Localism Act 2011
[Stu is progressing including talking to Jacqui Forster at Supporters Direct]
f) Bring Back the Robin Campaign
[Stu is to find internal champion at Football Club and broker another meeting]

3. Fans Parliament – structure & relation to BCSCT The different roles of the FP and BCSCT were discussed and the following agreed: to request 5 minutes for Miles, as Vice-Chair, to speak about the BCSCT and FP, the different roles as we see them and BCSCT’s support for FP. To request the position of Chair be discussed with a view to a rotation. 4. Events Mike presented a paper (qv)including reports of the Liverpool and Leeds events and outline plans for potential combined End-of-season awards & a second intake into the Hall of Fame. a) Report of Liverpool and Leeds events Profits of £330 and £402 were made at these events respectively, thanks largely to raffles. b) Hall of Fame Following an analysis of supporter surveys it was agreed to accept two nominations from each of the four eras:

 40/50s           60/70s        80/90s       2000s
 Alec Eisenträger Geoff Merrick Rob Newman   Tommy Docherty
 Jack Boxley      Tom Ritchie   Alan Walsh   Micky Bell

End-of-season awards
It was decided to propose a combined HoF and end-of-season awards. BCFC are due to make a decision about an end-of-season dinner. We will negotiate with a view to a joint occasion. If that proves impossible we will go ahead alone.

5. Safe Standing
Scrumpy, the City mascot, became the first “person” to watch an English League match by default. BCFC received a lot of media coverage of the official opening. The government still needs to be persuaded to allow the safe-standing seats to be used for football as well as rugby. This decision will be necessary before the Wedlock furniture order needs to be made.

6. Pre-season friendlies
The chance of a Willem friendly has been reduced by the Club tour to Botswana; it was clear that a Union Berlin friendly was a proposal to be made for the future.

7. Finalising accounts for audit
The 2012 accounts are with the auditor; the 2013 accounts are not far from being completed.

8. Website overhaul
A deal has been agreed with Andy Gail and it is hoped a new site will be partially up-and-running when the plans for Ashton Gate are finalised.

9. Atyeo Statue Fund – re-launch
When the plans for Ashton Gate are finalised will be a good point to relaunch the fund.
We need to identify an imposing position for the statue outside the main entrance. [Jon D to progress]
The permanent loan of the ’94 Tinnion shirt to the new museum was agreed subject to a written agreement recording its ownership.

10. Fans survey
Jon D has been in touch with BCFC; the matter is on hold pending the arrival of new Bristol Sport CEO Andy Billingham.

11. AOB
BCSCT badges
Badges with the current logo, both embroidered and metal pin, will be acquired.
[Miles to progress]

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